A Brief, Not-So-Off-Topic-as-it-May-Seem Book Review: The Artists Way

I was lying in bed this morning, unfortunately early, when it occurred to me just how different things would be if I had never picked up The Artists Way. I started it this past January and although I’d seen it in the past it took me awhile to really dive in. I didn’t realize, when I started, that it was a three month commitment, requiring daily work. Had I realized this I may never have started but by the time I did I was too far in to stop ;) I won’t give a lengthy review on all the details, you can definitely find that if you’re looking for it, I’m more interested in sharing the experiences I got to have as a result of accepting the challenges this book offered. Had I decided against accepting everything that I was reading and learning about myself, I never would have:

Taken Improv Classes (at the time, I couldn’t think of anything scarier)
Started Journaling (now a tool for sanity)
Taken a Spontaneous Trip to Hawaii (I can now say I’ve been to all 50 states!)
Gone Skydivng (during the above mentioned trip :))
Started a Tumblr blog (amazingly, this was a big deal for my extremely introverted self)
Ended and Renewed my Relationship (which is now ten times as solid and fulfilling as it had been prior to the brief but agonizing split)
Went Bungee Jumping (who knew you could learn amazing life lessons from jumping off a bridge??)
Started Singing at Open Mic Nights
(this was a long time coming)
Spent a Month Working in Florida
(ok, truthfully I was on the beach more often than the airplane)
Began The Vegetable Centric Kitchen (which continues to be a much needed outlet for creativity and happens to be the tidbit that keeps this post somewhat on-topic ;))

I had no idea what I was getting in to when I opened those first pages and maybe that was best, I’d encourage anyone to give it a try, who knows what could come of it!

This is what bedhead looks like...

On an actual food note, in case you were wondering if Banana Butter would be absolutely delicious in a big bowl of greens I have your answer. It is like dessert salad heaven.


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9 responses to “A Brief, Not-So-Off-Topic-as-it-May-Seem Book Review: The Artists Way

  1. Hey Rande, I love this book too, although I have never finished it completely. This is kind of weird, but it also inspired me to start a tumblr blog! LOL! It did feel like a big deal to me, too.
    I think this post may inspire me to get to work with it. The journaling is definitely a tool for sanity for me, as well. :)

    • Yeah I really threw myself into it, it was a pretty intense time actually. And for some reason I thought that the program was 8 weeks so at 4 weeks I was thrilled to be halfway through…and then it kept going…it took a lot of perseverance, I don’t usually stick with something like that for so long. How funny that it also inspired to create a Tumblr, I almost hesitated to post that bit as I thought maybe it was silly!

  2. Kana Tyler

    Ah, fond (and not-so-fond) memories of the “morning pages”… That book did a great deal for me too! :)

    • Kana Tyler

      Post-script… I worked my way through that book before the era of the blog… But I have no doubt it would have catapulted me into the blogosphere if I’d read it more recently! Oh dear, I’ve just dated myself, haven’t I? ;)

  3. Ooh wow sounds like an awesome blog! When did you go to Hawaii?? Gorgeous pic of you! Following you on tumblr now, though your link didnt work, but this link does: http://randerae.tumblr.com/

    M x

    • Oh thanks Megan, I’ll fix the link! I went to Hawaii last April I think? It was all of two days and VERY last minute, thats the fun side of being a flight attendant I guess :)

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