Raw White Hot Chocolate

Half of my life these days is spent in Seattle with my ladyfriend and the other half is spent in Bellingham (just south of the Canadian border) where I work and have an awesome roommate. I’m lucky that both of these fantastic ladies are open minded and adventurous when it comes to my food experimentation as I’m often asking them to taste test. Yesterday however, I got to be the guinea pig! Here is my mysterious roommate, we’ll call her Wilson (ok, her name is Sylvia), with a raw “cookbook” that she put together for my birthday several years back.

Wilson aka Sylvia. Roommate Extraordinaire, Photographer, and White Hot Chocolate Maker.

Wilson aka Sylvia. Roommate Extraordinaire, Photographer, and White Hot Chocolate Maker.

Britney and I were the lucky recipients of this deliciousness.

1 cup water
1 Tbsp raw cacao butter
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 dropperful NuNaturals liquid stevia (on my request, everyone else had 1 Tbsp agave)
1 cup raw cashews

Soak cashews overnight. Blend cashews with the water and strain through a nut milk bag (thats how she made mine but for hers she went without straining). Add cashew milk back into blender with remaining ingredients and blend until mixture is warm and frothy. Top with cinnamon.

It was the perfect holiday drink after a day of Thanksgiving leftovers, this stew, and Christmas light watching. Chocolate Covered Katie’s No-Bake Chocolate Pumpkin Pie may also have been involved.

You should probably go try this goodness now and while your at it go check out Sylvias photography blog! Happy weekend.


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5 responses to “Raw White Hot Chocolate

  1. britney

    this was a seriously delicious beverage, i liked both the smooth and chunky versions :-)

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  3. Tonight was movie night with White Hot Chocolate, we all loved it, thanks for posting!!! I can’t handle chocolate, so its always great to get a little of the taste without the effects : )

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