Back-to-Work Cheese and Nori Wraps

Couldn't--Be-Simpler Cheese and Nori Wraps

Couldn't--Be-Simpler Cheese and Nori Wraps

These really could not be any simpler. I’m guessing most everybody is back to work or school today and probably not terribly interested in spending excess time in the kitchen. I know I’m feeling a need for a kitchen break after the holiday! I don’t plan on taking anything more complicated than this for the next few days:

Nori Sheets
Goat or Sheep cheese- unsalted, firm, and preferably raw

Slice up cheese. Wrap in Nori.



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7 responses to “Back-to-Work Cheese and Nori Wraps

  1. Anjali

    Would you munch on these as a snack before a flesh night? Or are these part of din din?

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  3. That sounds like weirdly good… hm… I’m doing the vegan bit right now but man I miss goat cheese most!

    • It is totally weirdly good! I tried it first with a salted cheese and it was salt overload but the regular cheese was delish. I played with the vegan thing for a few weeks and I dearly missed the goat cheese! Are you just trying it out for awhile or do you play on staying vegan long term?

  4. Jen

    Does the cheese stay wrapped up in the Nori? Doing this now with precut strips, it’s yum but doesn’t hold together.

    • I usually make and eat them one at a time so my hand holds them together ;) If you’re wanting several all pre-done you could try wetting the end of the nori sheet with water which will make it gently stick or stick a toothpick through each piece if you’re setting them out.

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