Good Stuff Friday

It’s the return of Good Stuff Friday! I decided to let it go for the month of January while I was blogging about the cleanse but here are a few things I’ve enjoyed recently:

Why our Choices are So Powerful from The Daily Love


Oodles of Raw Noodles and Creamy Vegan Dressing from Diary of a Nutritionist


How to Say "No" to Food Without Offending from Making Love in the Kitchen


"Milk"shakes done 12 Ways from Raw Mama Does Detox


Interview with Natalia Rose from Sarah's Best Health


Mexican Style Jicima Rice from Ani Phyo

Tomorrow I’ll be posting a delicious Valentines treat, in the meantime maybe you can plan on a Balsamaic and Dark Chocolate topped Arugula Salad or turning a Magenta Mocktail into a cocktail!


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9 responses to “Good Stuff Friday

  1. britney

    i would love to try that mexican jicama rice; it looks beautiful and delish!

  2. It IS delish, I can’t believe I never made it for you!

  3. Kim

    Yay!! I love Good Stuff Friday!! :D

  4. Jamie

    Thanks for posting that interview with Natalia, I really enjoyed reading it :)

  5. That magenta mocktail looks gorgeous!! That may have to happen on V-Day at my single-cleanse-friends dinner. :)

  6. misa

    I like your food and your post. Can you write more your food journal just for inspiration. When you make avocado salad do you use just one or more avocados? When I want to stay just with salad and avocado I feel hungry in 2 hours later that does not keep me full till dinner, any advice?.Thanks a lot

    • I will try and think of a way to fit that in! In a dinner salad I’ll eat 1-2 whole avocados depending on what else is going into the meal. I might do one avocado and a couple of baked sweet potatoes or two avocados and just one baked sweet potato or some steamed broccoli. Adding something a little starchy helps I think.

  7. misa

    Thanks a lot, So you do not recommend to eat it at lunch time? I know you are trying to keep light day and eat in dinner, but I can wait that long:-). Also about dark chocolate is it ok to eat 2-4oz in the evening for dessert? Sorry I am new in this detox world:-)

    • Oh sure, definitely eat it at lunch time if that feels good to you! I think you really have to play around with things to see how your body responds, don’t force anything that doesn’t feel right. And I definitely eat that much chocolate pretty regularly! Sometimes a little less. If I’m eating more than 3 though I have a hard time sleeping. Hope that’s helpful!

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