30 Days of Mindful Eating

Happy April! Today was my first day off back at home so I’ve been running errands and dipping into some Spring Cleaning which is something I actually look forward to! Something else I’ve been looking forward to is a challenge I’ve given myself for this month- 30 days of mindful eating. There are a lot of really wonderful books and programs out there that I’ve learned a lot from but I really wanted to commit myself to some basics that always feel good to me but that I never have made a daily habit.

I also got a shipment of books from Amazon last week (my weakness when I’m living in a hotel is online shopping…almost always books) and amongst them was this little gem:

There is a page for each day of the year and I’ve been taking a moment before dinner every day to soak in some wisdom in regards to “finding balance through mindful eating”. The act alone of stopping to read something like this has been a great little moment before dinner to feel my body more and not be so focused on the chattering in my head (which often continues as I proceed to eat more than is necessary).

The theme for the month will be emotional eating and mindful eating which are hot topics for me. I’ll review helpful books I’ve read in the past, make note of days from my current book that I find inspiring, and let you know how I’m doing with my commitment for the next 30 days. And of course, there will still be tons of recipes. I’ve probably got a hundred ideas waiting to be tested and delivered!

The challenge for the month is as follows:

1. Take time to center and myself before putting anything in my mouth.

2. Actually focus on and enjoy my food. No TV, movies, books, standing, or eating while doing something else. Playing music, having conversation, or listening to a podcast are all fine.

And that is it. It’s simple. Eat from a place of calmness and actually notice and enjoy my food. I’ve made it a 30 day challenge not to just give up afterwards but to learn what it’s really like to make this a consistent practice. It’s not that I can never bring my salad into the movie theatre again OR that I can just go back to “business as usual” in May. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you!

P.S. On a food note: I’m really looking forward to trying these savory goat cheese truffles (that were inspired by my chocolate goat cheese truffles!) from Lisa Lately!


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8 responses to “30 Days of Mindful Eating

  1. How exciting! I need a lot of work in this area myself, looking forward to the inspiration!

  2. Rande, good luck! Mindful eating is a simple but a very powerful practice. Eating can be an awareness meditation. I find that saying a grace and visualizing how I want to feel after eating really helps me to stop eating when I am full.

  3. Meg

    I love the challenge babe :) I am going to try this too! Sometimes I eat my meals up way too quick!

  4. such a good challenge. i struggle with the idea of just eating. nothing else. i’m not sure what makes me feel anxious about it. maybe it’s feeling like i could be getting more done? maybe it’s actually the thought of being totally in tune with my body that scares me…..as i’ve lived so, so many years not in tune it’s kind of scary to imagine being in tune. if that makes sense?

    you totally inspired me! i’m going to do this challenge too. starting, at lunch today!

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