What I Ate: Road Trip Style

I feel sorry for anyone who road trips me. I am not one of those people who limits their consumption of liquids for the sake of fewer bathroom stops ;)

My lady and I are away for the weekend visiting her family, so in honor of the occasion, I bring you a “What I Ate” style post for a day on the road:

Heading out of our hotel this morning I filled up my water bottle with hot water from the breakfast bar and dropped in a 50/50 mix of Ginger and Caramel teas with stevia. A Dr. Ohira’s probiotic was washed down with this concoction.

Mid-day we stopped at my FAVORITE natural foods store of all time in Missoula, Montana: The Good Food Store. Brit picked up a veggie sandwich and I ordered a TRAY full of delicious liquids. I’m sure the baristas had no idea that the entire order was for me ;) My afternoon consisted of a 16 oz cucumber/parsley/celery juice (with a touch of stevia), a 16 oz americano (yes, it happens sometimes), and a 16 oz carrot/spinach juice with cinnamon and nutmeg. Many roadside bathrooms were attended.

It was “taco night” at our destination and I discreetly loaded up my plate with greens and salsa with a side of raw smoked sheep cheese from our earlier health food store excursion. It was a big ‘ol chunk of cheese, probably 6-ish ounces, but I did my best to share (*sighs* so difficult…) samples of our “fancy cheese” :)

Dessert was a mug of Blood Orange Chocolate tea (stevia-sweetened) and a shared bar of delicious, creamy, local dark chocolate. I tried to have a slightly smaller serving of chocolate tonight as I did have coffee earlier and well, I want to sleep tonight (oh yeah, and it’s acidic and stuff).

That’s it for today, we’re tucked away into a cheesy little hotel for the night, happy Easter weekend!


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5 responses to “What I Ate: Road Trip Style

  1. Sounds like a fun trip! I see that Britney is driving;) I’m sure your travel menu was better than mine the week we were gone…..seems like I ate a few too many sweet potato chips:(

  2. Looks like such a fun road trip! Weekends are when coffee makes an appearance in my life, too. :) Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. Good food, good company and lots of juice…sounds perfect! That tea is intriguing…is it incredible? I recently bought their red velvet cake tea and really enjoy it. I hope you have a lovely trip and stop at many nice, non grimy bathrooms. ;)

    • The tea was pretty good, I don’t know that I’d say “incredible”. I’ve tried several flavors from that brand because they always sound mind-blowing but they are never as good as their name ;) Thank you for the well-wishes, we had at least as many non-grimy bathrooms as grimy ones :D

  4. Anonymous

    Haha, I’m glad to hear the bathroom situation wasn’t completely terrible! Thanks for the heads up on the tea. I really like the red velvet tea I bought however I’d have to agree that it isn’t as mind blowing as I thought it would be.

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