What I Ate Wednesday

What I ate this Wednesday came thanks to much hopping around on my favorite blogs. Ridiculous as it may sound, I’m so grateful for Pinterest for helping keep track of all the deliciousness that usually just sits in my bookmarks bar unmade!

The day started off normally with 32 ounces of Ginger Lemonade. For this I simply juiced 4 lemons and a chunk of ginger, adding it to spring water with lots of NuNaturals stevia. I followed this with another mason jar of carrot-romaine juice spiked with cinnamon and stevia.

For lunch I had (what turned out to be much too big a serving) of delicious Lemon Cauliflower Cream Soup (the avocado version) from Brave Lil Juicer.

When Britney got home I made her a bowl of Quinoa and Greens from Linda Wagner and for myself I attempted a version of this dressing from Pure2Raw. Sadly, neither my food processor or blender wanted anything to do with blending such a small amount but I still ended up with some yummy tahini coated sauerkraut to top my salad of spiralized zucchini, carrot pulp, coconut aminos, green onions, raw garlic, stevia, salt and pepper. I had a few sips of wine with my salad but lost interest pretty quickly and finished up with a small bit of Trader Joe’s organic dark chocolate.

I’m loving making my own fermented veggies lately, I tend to rotate through fermented treats, cycling through sauerkraut, coconut kefir, and kombucha. Below I’ll leave you with my favorite video on making fermented veggies:

Do you have a favorite fermented or cultured treat?


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10 responses to “What I Ate Wednesday

  1. Randall, I am looking for some new juicing recipes…. any ideas?

    • My current favorite is an entire thing of celery, a bunch of cilantro, and all of the crazy lookin’ fronds from a fennel bulb!

    • Well I see you already discovered my juicing Pinterest board ;) Whenever I’m in a juicing slump I go to DiaryofaNutritionist.com. She has some really fun ones with little “extras” like cocoa and carob that keep me going when I’m feeling sick of the whole juicing thing.

  2. I make my own kraut and kombucha and recently started making my own wildly fermented mead (with raw honey)!

  3. I keep meaning to make my own sauerkraut! Thanks for the inspiration. I will definitely try this recipe. and the Quinoa and Greens look YUM. I love the bowl you served it in :)

  4. Thank you for the reminder on making homemade sauerkraut! I keep meaning to try it again… the last time I did it, I was too scared to taste it and threw the whole batch out! I think I’m braver now. ;)

  5. Your eats always look so good. I really want to try my hand at fermented veggies now that I’ve mastered kombucha!

  6. Woah… How do you make the coconut kefir?!?

    • I make fresh coconut milk like a nut milk with 1/4 part shredded coconut and 3/4 parts water blended and strained. After that’s made I’ll use The Body Ecology Kefir Starter on it according to the directions. It takes like 24 hours. It’s awesome.

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