Guacamole Creamed Salsa and Day-One Sugar-Free

Hello from the middle of a very busy work week! I’ve started the Sugar-Free Challenge along with Ana and am so excited that there are a few of you joining us! I’m quite swamped for the next few days but please let me know how you’re doing! I tend to save up recipes for busy work periods so here is one from a few days ago: simple, creamy, and delicious. Guacamole Creamed Salsa.


1 cup of your favorite organic salsa (I used Trader Joe’s organic brand)
1 large, ripe avocado

Place ingredients in blender and pulse to desired consistency. Mine was mostly smooth with a few chunks. It was served over salad and sweet potato hash.

Happy weekend, can’t wait to hear about your sugar-free adventures!

9 thoughts on “Guacamole Creamed Salsa and Day-One Sugar-Free

  1. Yummy! Totally having that guacamole this week.
    I’m on Day 3 on no sugar, all is well! I have chosen to take out all dark chocolate as well, but cocoa powder and stevia in various shake are serving as fabulous replacements.

      1. Oh right. What’s the brand name of the chocolate stevia bar? I forgot what you and Lola told me last week.

  2. that sounds delicious! i love avocado — yum!! best of luck with the challenge! i’ve had to be completely sugar free (not even fruit!) because of the Body Ecology Diet for the past couple months. it’s amazing the amount of energy you have when you nix the white stuff!

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