2014 Winter Juice Feast. Day 25. Unusual Juiceables: Bok Choy

Today was easily my best day yet. I’ve felt a huge emotional release from finally giving up the spirulina habit- no more wondering “should I or shouldn’t I?”. It feels like a real juice feast now.  Additionally, amping up the amount of beet juice I’ve been drinking (from occasionally to 4 beets in a juice) has really reminded me what powerful awakeners beets are. I released so much awakened waste today and my body was left feeling so light, I noticed how easy it was to stand up perfectly straight and my constant head chatter seemed to have eased significantly. I’m quite tired after a late shift at work but I feel so much satisfaction when I think back over how today felt.

Unusual Juiceables- Bok Choy

I’m pretty sure the only way I’ve ever had bok choy in the past was in a greasy stir fry. Yum. This morning I thought I would try something new and throw them in the juicer! If I remain this adventurous, I’ll probably have tried juicing everything in the Whole Foods produce department and have to move on to more exotic stores :) Yay for a big range of nutrients, a variety of tastes, and exploring new stores in Seattle!

Bok choy turned out to be sweeter than I’d realized and not quite as cabbage-y. In addition, it’s high in calcium and a great support in detoxifying the liver! Here is how I had it this morning:

Juicy Bok Choy in a Glass

3-4 bunches of bok choy

5 medium apples


Today’s Juice Feast: 34 oz Juicy Bok Choy in a Glass, 32 oz pineapple/apple/beet, 32 oz carrot/kale,  32 oz pineapple/apple/pomello/zucchini, 2 oz wheatgrass, 8 oz Whole Foods sample juices, 32 oz carrot/kale.


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6 responses to “2014 Winter Juice Feast. Day 25. Unusual Juiceables: Bok Choy

  1. Amber

    Hi Rande! I sent you a message, which might be a better place to discuss my question for you about colonics. I’m on Day 21 of my juice/smoothie cleanse and I am interested in doing more to get the gunk out. I’ve never done colonics so it’s all new to me. Please reply to me via FB when you have time. I want to do something that is considered very safe.

    Thank you!

  2. Amber

    I sent you a message on Facebook. Sorry about the incomplete sentence!

  3. Bok Choy. Coincidentally I was getting ready to juice one yesterday for the first time, but my husband cooked it, haha. I’ll get another one. The stems look as juicy as celery. Is spiralina bad for a juice fast? Thanks for reminding me to juice my beets.

    • Haha, that’s too funny. It’s good cooked too! Spirulina isn’t bad for the juice fast but I was eating tablets and finding them so tasty that I’d just eat the whole bottle! It was really messing with the flow of the fast is all.

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